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Hiring and Recruiting in a Changing Employment Environment

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Today’s changing employment environment is creating difficult changes for many small businesses. COVID-19 has created different types of working conditions and situations, forcing a shared, new way of doing business for all of us.

Employers, Human Resources, and businesses (large or small) are at the forefront of navigating uncertainty and relying on the knowledge of leaders and employees across many industries. We are experiencing short-term & long-term adjustments in hiring. HR Simplistic can help you be compliant in your hiring practices in the changing environment.

Digital dynamics are fluid and evolving at a rapid pace keeping people engaged, connected, and productive. In speaking to a cross-section of business owners, all want to keep the momentum building in the current hiring situation, while those resistant to change are grappling with how to maintain motivation working-from-home. This requires fine-tuned hiring methods, which HR Simplistic can help businesses achieve.

Human Resources departments have flexed quickly to offer onboarding and orientation to new employees. It is critical that companies are HR compliant with all hiring practices to avoid future litigation.

If you need help with Recruiting or finding the right talent for your positions, HR Simplistic can connect you with local industry leading staffing companies who can help!

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