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Improve your ability to attract and retain talent by reviewing and comparing employee benefit programs.

Build the right benefits package for your team.

HR Simplistic works with the top service brokers in the industry to find the ideal benefits plan for your company and handle the administration.

Affordable health and financial benefits 

Make financial and physical health a reality for your team with a plan crafted to fit your budget.

Focus on solutions

Our dedicated team provides quick answers and resources unique to you and your business.

Rely on the experts

Certified HR experts are just a phone call or email away.

Why choose
HR Simplistic?

Take the guesswork out of your benefits management with HR Simplistic.

  • There's more to benefits than health and vision. Offering 401k plans is also required for some businesses by law, and we help you find the right plan.

  • HR Simplistic asks the right questions from the beginning to the end of onboarding and processing so that you and your employees can receive informed guidance.

  • Make sure you have a compliant benefits plan! An ACA penalty will cost at least $2,000 per employee.

HR Simplistic can assist you with:

  • Insurance Benefits

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Insurance Policies 

  • Vacation Tracking and Time Off

  • Offer benefits to your employees

  • Offer Cobra 

  • Help Facilitate Benefits

  • Manage Benefits Signups & Health Care Open Enrollment

Ready to learn more about Benefits Administration for your business?

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