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Get Professional Help for your Hiring Needs

Hiring new employees is an critical part of being a business owner, and it's more complicated than just reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. There are many recruiting mistakes that can deter a qualified candidate from seeking employment with you, from poorly crafted job descriptions to lack of communication about applications. However, with the right hiring and onboarding process in place, which we can help you with, you will soon be on your way to recruiting and hiring only the best employees.

A hiring process is a step-by-step method used to find, recruit and ultimately hire new employees. A good hiring process will help you attract and retain high-quality employees who match your brand. The specific elements of a hiring process are unique to each company, but there are some general steps every business can follow to attract and hire qualified candidates.

A hiring process is a step-by-step method of finding, recruiting and hiring employees.

What are the key steps in the hiring employees?

The specific steps in your hiring process should be unique to your company (and sometimes even to the open position you are hiring for), there are some general steps that most hiring processes include and we can help you with these.

  1. Write a job description that correctly lists what the position requires.

  2. Advertise and recruit for the position.

  3. Analyze and review candidate cover letters, resumes and applications.

  4. Conduct a phone interview for initial screening of the candidate.

  5. Conduct in-person interviews (or video conferencing interviews if recruiting remotely).

  6. Have the job applicant perform applicable assessments if necessary and make sure you are using correct types of assessments.

  7. Run a background check and check references.

  8. Make a hiring decision.

  9. Extend a job offer. (Which is a critical aspect to limit future litigation.)

  10. Hire and onboard the new employee and begin training.

Most hiring processes include basic steps like recruiting, interviewing, screening, hiring and onboarding employees and it needs to be done correctly and that is what we can help you with.

We can help you with all aspects of your recruiting and hiring processes. It is so important to be compliant with all of the laws in California to avoid expensive litigation from making errors in the hiring process.

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