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Setting up the HR Functions for your Business

Setting up the HR Functions for your Business

We offer services to help you set up the functions of your HR to be compliant in the state of California. We can help you with the with many aspects of your start-up including the following with regards to HR:

  1. Payroll Administration, including payroll services, W-2s, reporting, audits & more.

  2. Time and Attendance, including accurate record keeping for breaks and lunches.

  3. Recruiting: How to hire new employees in accordance with the law.

  4. Benefits Administration, including helping you find the best sources for benefits.

  5. Setting up Harassment Prevention Training for your employees.

  6. Connecting you with a Bookkeeping Service.

  7. Answering your questions about all aspects of HR for your type of business so you are compliant in the state of California.

We are here to help organizations large and small who are just getting started or that have been established for years to acquire the best out-sourced Human Resource functions. At HR Simplistic, we know that running a business and managing employees can really bog you down with administrative distractions and open you up to endless liabilities.

By getting professional help from the start you’ll help stay in compliance for the HR functions of your business and avoid a host of unnecessary legal issues and litigation.

Give us a call at 760-779-3300 to find out more about how we can simplify your HR administration.

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