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Time and Attendance are the #1 costly liability for businesses. Learn how our T&A program can potentially save you litigation costs.

Losing track of your employees' time and attendance can cost you thousands. 
Stay on track with our timekeeping system.

California’s very strict wage hour laws can leave a business with fines, penalties and back pay to employees if breaks, lunches and overtime are not tracked properly. With HR Simplistic, you can easily manage your team's hours, time off, holidays, and more with our cloud-based time and attendance software.

Why choose
HR Simplistic?

The monthly cost of a time and attendance system in combination with knowledge of California’s wage and hours laws is nothing compared to a Department of Labor Claim.

  • Every improperly tracked lunch and break can cost you up to 3x a normal hour's wages where no breaks are provided.

  • Improper employee classification can result in serious fines and legal costs.

  • You can eliminate messy timesheets by transferring your workforce data directly into your payroll processing platform. 

  • With HR Simplistic, you can control labor costs, gain insight into labor management, improve compliance and empower employees.

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Workforce management

TimeWorks Mobile gives your employees complete freedom to track time from wherever they are while providing supervisors perfect visibility. 

Workforce performance

The new Dashboard feature of TimeWorksPlus provides real-time insight into timekeeping, attendance and scheduling. Employers enjoy a summary view of labor costs that facilitates efficient decision making.

Balances and accruals

Automate the tracking of PTO accruals. Employers and employees alike will enjoy a quick view of time earned and used, making it easy to manage requests for time off.

Absence management

Utilize employees’ attendance history to identify trends, set notifications for violations, automate time-off requests, and measure the overall impact of unscheduled absences to take proactive action.

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